Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Egress Boogie

As to my Passover song of the previous post.
I have a feeling that there will be more verses and some choruses, maybe many more.The bird watching reference has me particularly intrigued.

What if The Children of Jacob, and the Israelites, (whom I am not convinced were at that time precisely synonymous,) used the ploy of ornithological passion as a cover for their planned emigration? I can see them getting together ostensibly to discuss avian migration patterns and habitat, and to assemble gear for the upcoming observation expedition. Everyone, down to the the tiniest toddler, would be outfitted with hiking boots and canteens. They would monitor the phases of the moon and wait for weather conditions most conducive to egress activity.

On the street in passing, an Egress Society member would make a `quack-quack` gesture with one hand. Upon recognizing it, a fellow member would make the `quack` sign in return. In this way, Bird Watchers could safely become known to each other.

And now for a few more stanzas of the Egress Boogie

oh children of jacob,
we`re going to the dessert
soon the departure
the quest to be a nation
oh people of israel
we`re getting out of egypt
the prospect is daunting
but we`ll soon be on our way

now`s the time to go to the border
find a spring of mineral water
tell the story in the right order
it`s sahara time

passover, this is the time to remember
holiday, let`s have a good time
passover, this is the time to remember
holiday, let`s have a good time

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring in Prissville

A picture that I just took from my deck. Flowering cherry trees.

Not too Early to Start Preparing for Passover

(Sing this to the tune of "Safari Time")

we are going to the sahara
hike the desert in my jalaba
hope i do not fall in the water
it's hegira time

soon it will be time for departure
roast a lamb and serve in a saucer
pack some meal to bake into matzah
it's sahara time

come along if you're a bird watcher
show egress to your son and daughter
hope i don't forget my binoc'lar
it's sahara time