Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It’s a tropical rain forest out there

The one good thing about having to buy a battery for my car is that I distinctly felt scoped out by mechanics and by guys shopping for tires. I always notice that at car places. Does motor oil have testosterone enhancing properties?

Attempting to sooth my auto anxieties, I continued on in search of diet Pepsi in a bottle. This required a visit to Safeway, because the market I usually frequent has sold its soul to the merchants of Coke. I also got a full box of Satsuma oranges. Amazingly, considering my mood, I got out of there without succumbing to the lure of chocolate.

In literary news, Zbigniew is reading The Jungle as a school assignment. He asked me, “What country are these people in?” I said America. Then I asked if anyone had been cooked yet. I was referencing the part about the guy who “went out with the meat.” Zbig said, "They haven't even gone to the jungle yet, they are still in the city!”

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Very quick post of Holidayness

There was some beautiful singing, a delightful discussion about goats, and no interpretive dancing whatsoever. The dancing comes tomorrow. Tonight's final hymn was described as: "actually it's a gospel song, it comes from a verse in Exodus."

The tune was clearly western and not at all southern. If we must be ecumenical, let us keep our semantics in order.

It was darn catchy too. I'm humming it as I type