Monday, August 25, 2008

Accidental Cat Chaperone

I heard a plaintive sound. Something outside, or was it in the lobby? It was intermittent, so I didn't investigate right away. The sound began again with more constancy, so I peeked out to take a look. An orange tabby had been wandering the halls, it was cozying up to one of my neighbors. It wasn't her cat. She pointed out an address tag on its collar, and said that she had to leave for work now.

The furry beast is now ensconced on my deck. There are plants to investigate and a bowl of water. I placed a board at the base of the screen door in an attempt to to shield it from those fearsome claws. But the wily creature worried its body between the door and the board easily removing the barrier. Now it is sitting outside, a few feet from my computer table, making poor little me noises.

A pink post-it is in place on the door of the presumed owners alerting them to the cat's location should they ever return. This superintendence can not become permanent. I'm having slight allergic symptoms already.


Prisstopolis said...

Cat Update!

I think that you have something that belongs to me.

I thought so too.

The feline has been restored to its rightful owner.

Jon said...

can you suggest a rephrasing of the opening sentence for me - Tempe Police Department - and message or email it to me

what's your email address?

shaun attwood