Friday, February 17, 2006

The Writer’s Art

Got 91% on the scary midterm of doom. Some of the people who I studied with did even better -- which is good right? I'm sure that exposure to their mad study skilz rubbed off on me. Two papers left to write and then the quarter is done. I'm not nervous about the writing, cranking out like a thousand words each, while not piece a’ cake, is highly do-able. I do have some anxiety about the research part.

In more fun writing, I submitted a few short stories about differently sized elephants to my school’s literary journal, and I may shoot them some verse as well. Won’t know for about a month if anything is accepted.

And Purim is coming up soon. Last year I wrote a skit and this year I'm considering a song. Of course I also have my famous stick puppets… If you guys are lucky, I will scan them. So check back in a few weeks for puppet goodness.

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