Thursday, April 13, 2006

Passover Song

(Sing this to the tune of: The Nanny Named Fran)

They were working in a brickyard mixing straw and clay
An uncompensated worker can't go on that way

Time to make a change
Time to rearrange
Make a plan to earn a peso

So across the path from Goshen to the palace court
Moses wanted an exit visa, or at least a passport

He had snakes
He had rods
He had God
That's how he confronted Pharaoh

Freedom wouldn't come to pass overnight
But it was a case of fight or flight

Now multitudes are leaving (Don't forget your nightshirt)
And the waters are receding (It's a dry desert)
It's the start of a trip that will lead to the promised land

It's the Exodus from Egypt
I'm sure you can understand

Copyright 2006 all rights reserved

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