Sunday, December 10, 2006

Flying in a Winter Wonderland

In a developing news story around these here parts, some frequently flying Rabbis found that the seasonal greenery decorating Seatac airport diminished their travel experience. One of them, a cheerful black-hatted beard-wearer, notified the Port Authority that unless a Menorah fitted with electric light bulbs were installed next to the Christmas tree, he would be forced to file suit.

The airport responded by removing the trees. This disappointed the Rabbi, he wanted equal interior decoration. It also infuriated airport workers. No longer would their bleak existences be brightened by a triangle of green above the door to the concourse. Today they are buttonholing travelers and asking them to militate for tree-instatement.

Taken to its extreme, fulfilling a request for equal representation in decoration would lead to ever expanding collages of religious symbols posted in our public places. In my book, that would make for an overly graven image laden environment.


Amishav said...

Well, if all the airport workers need to keep them happy is a bit of green, I suggest that each of them carry around one of those little tree shaped air fresheners. That should put them in the holiday mood!

Prisstopolis said...

I've had a special fondness for those ever since They were featured in the movie Repo Man.

The news story took some interesting turns today.
1. The rabbi with the red beard says that he will not file a suit.
2. He's a Lubavitcher!