Sunday, December 03, 2006

Humor noir, humor GLOW IN THE DARK

News reporters are refusing to drop the story about the spy who was poisoned by radiation. "He must have done something to annoy the Russians!"

The way I see it, he got off easy.

If you irritate the the Mafia, they shoot you, and hack off any male anatomical characteristics and stuff them into your mouth.

Run afoul of the AMA and it's even worse. They cut off your tonsils, appendix, gallbladder and spleen, and then kill you slowly with chemo and radiation.


Ro said...
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Ro said...

Sounds like my last date. :P

Annoying the Russian mafia is bad. I'll make a note of it.

Prisstopolis said...

Hi Ro!
Welcome to the Prissiverse.

Anonymous said...

Whoa- so you don't much like the medical establishment eh?

Prisstopolis said...

If anyone else did that stuff, it would be assault. They do it and we pay them!