Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Announcing the pr1ss How to Make Your Own Blues Song Blues

First you lay out the situation
Then you tell a little more
It was so devastating
I almost fell down on the floor

‘Cause I’ve got the blues
I’ve got the how to write your own blues song blues

Kurt Vonnegut and Phil J. Farmer
Both writers with some score
Found themselves preoccupied
with a Trout name of Kilgore

They had the blues
The protagonists taking-on-lives-of-their-own blues

Miss Muffet on her tuffet
Was timid and unsure
She'd not tolerate to communicate
With impure spider spoor

She had the blues
The arachnophobia luncheon on the lawn blues

I have a few more posted over at my livejournal Compose your own in the comments, or request nicely, and I'll attempt a custom stanza just for you!


Vezquex said...

i've got the blues
i gots teh blues
the leet haxor blues
what an odd one to choose
when your ruby won't shimmer
or your python won't slither
well thats called the blues
the OMG blues
code invalidation
markup frustration
i might blow a fuse
oh woh woh no

Prisstopolis said...

Vunderbar mine vunderkindt
and thank you for commenting in

The Mighty Priss Blogspot of Awesomeness

PsychoToddler said...


Neil said...

I think you need to become a songwriter! I still remember your terrific Jewish "California Girls" take-off that I blatantly stole from you a week later.

Prisstopolis said...

Thanks Psychotoddler!

Neil: I HAVE become a songwriter. Now I just need the global marketplace to take notice and come accross with the Benjaminz.