Sunday, March 19, 2006

The light at the end of the tunnel

I can finally see the first glimmer of graduation appearing on the horizon. If I take a full time schedule starting this spring, plus two classes in the summer, I'll be there in just over a year. Even if I don't manage that, a class or two the following summer will square things away. I have two minors, and I have my senior seminar selected. There's room for some tweaking, but it's really going to fall into place. I'm probably going to take an elective on report-writing. It's only one credit, and it applies to everything else. I'm going to shop for a laptop, because search-able notes would be good. Should really take another shot at finding a glasses prescription that I like. When you can't see well, reading takes on a divination quality, and there tend to be three or four books per class. Rapid skimming is important.

Last week I had fun singing my Passion song for a live audience. There was an impromptu band. They were great, but they kept waiting for me to break into a chorus. When I finished the verses, they rebelled; bursting into a lengthy refrain about “California Girls” even though the song is clearly about guys. The Puppets made an appearance as a kids' craft project. As usual, the horse was the most popular.

I took the PrissKids to a screening of Harry Potter 4 and Fun With Dick and Jane 2. Both films met my preferences of not too loud, not too stupid, and no suspense. I wonder if the shift from theater markets to home viewing has finally allowed movies to expand beyond an “action” genre. The visual effects in Potter were excellent, while understated. It was everything that the Star Wars movies are not. There was free pizza too. Rock.

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