Monday, July 03, 2006

Creeping Soonerism

Happy 4th of July Day Eve. As I drove home, I saw wiley parade-gawkers placing their lawn chairs along the curb. They are doing this to reserve front row spaces for an event that won’t begin for another 14 hours.

I consider this practice to be impolitely unsportsmanlike.

It would serve em right if not all of the chairs survived the night.

Maybe if the sets each lost one.

How about just if the sets were scrambled up. Our fellow citizens who have smugly finagled the first-come, first-served principle beyond its intended use would find themselves with (oh horror of horrors!) an unmatched set.

Perhaps they are all colorblind and would not even notice.

But more likely:

They are forced to miss precious moments of synchronized stroller teams and pirates making noise with cap guns as they run around using their barganing skills to try to end up with a matched set once again.


monocle barbie said...

you talk oddaly lol ;)

Prisstopolis said...

My talking is riding on Lollerskates!